Columbine Shooting Facts – The truth about the Tragic Event  

It was on the 20th of April, 1999 when two teen agers raged into a then shooting fee at Littleton, Colorado’s Columbine High School were 13 people were reportedly killed. This also wounded at least more than 20 individuals. The suspects then turned their guns against themselves, doing the same. This was then considered suicide. The mentioned crime, as many columbine shooting facts, would state, was claimed to be the worst shooting in high school in the whole history of the United States. This even prompted the occurrence of a national debate concerning the control of gun for the purpose of school, and general safety. This was made under investigation in the determining of the mentioned motivated gun men. These teenagers were Eric Harris, who was  only 18 years old during that time, and Dylan Klebold, 17 years old.

Speculations arose of course. It was said that the two committed the killings because they were always being bullied. This was claimed considering that the two were members of the social outcasts. This was living under the fascination of Goth. There were also discoveries pointing that they got to have their views on the violent video games, and even music that they normally listen to. But then, these theories were still yet to be proven.

The time of the shooting was 11:19 am. The said teenagers had to dress in a trench coat. Then, they started shooting their fellow students just outside the vicinity of the Columbine High School. This is situated in the suburbs of southern Denver. The pair, after doing the heinous crime, moved inside the whole school. This was the time when they shot as many victims as possible found inside the library. It was 11:35 am when the two killed additional 12 students. It was that time when also a teacher was reported to be wounded alongside with 20 more people. It was 12:00 PM when the two started to turn the gun on themselves, and pulled the trigger afterwards.

When investigation was conducted, it was discovered that the two came in in separate cars. This was around 11:10. It was in the morning before the occurrence of the massacre. The two started walking in their school cafeteria. This was the time when the placed their duffle bags which come with a 20-pound bomb, that made of propane, which was scheduled to explode on 11:17 AM. It was that time when the teens had to go back near their cars because they were waiting for the bomb to really go off. However, it did not succeed. The bomb failed and the detonation did not occur. This was the signal for them to just begin the shooting spree which was the resort they had to go for.

Days after the shooting, investigation was facilitated. It was speculated that the two chose the athletes in purpose. The same is also true with Christians and minorities. There were also reports saying that a random student was asked if he believes in God or not. He the person said yes, he was shot dead.