Herpes Blitz Control Review: The Answer to Your Hidden Pain?

Today I’ll review Herpes Blitz Control a medicine which claims to be a solution that was hidden in the dark by pharmaceutical companies.

The manufacturer of Herpes Blitz Control claims that herpes, one of the many conditions that are not curable, actually has a solution. But because the medical industry reaps profits through the distribution of fraud products that actually worsen your condition, this medicine was never publicized as much.

This is the same old story of every unregistered medicine that claims to cure the most impossible of sickness – the promises of finally letting you recover from a condition that that was told to be never curable.

Just how many times have I heard that? More than enough to make me sick.

I don’t mean to judge but what I see is a remedy created to solve a certain sickness and it was either disapproved because it’s ineffective, it has hazardous ingredients, etc. Or it can also be that they never tried to have the medicine undergo professional and official analysis because they themselves are aware that their product will be disapproved.

After that they proceed with telling people that the pharmaceutical industry is the one to blame for their miraculous medicine not being public.

Am I jumping to too many conclusions? Perhaps yes, but hearing a lot of unregistered medicine spouting this lines is just way too tiring.

So then why am I even writing a review here? Because I wanna see despite their lines that resemble a broken record if this product has something even worth to mention or to actually give a shot too.

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What is Herpes and How to Prevent it?

Herpes is a virus that multiplies once it finds a host to propagate.

It’s a virus that is categorized into types: the first one being HSV-1 oral herpes and HSV-2 genital herpes. As per their names HSV-1 can be transmitted through the mouth, a person diagnosed with HSV-1 has sores or blisters around their mouth area. Though it is called oral herpes, HSV-1 herpes can still cause genital herpes.

Regarding HSV-2 which is genital herpes, and is commonly contacted through sexual intercourse but it is said that HSV-2 can still be found not only in the genital area, but also in rare cases mostly at the waist area of a person.

Herpes is also a known condition with no cure as of today, and the only viable way to reduce its appearance or its effect on your body is through medical treatment.

Seeing that herpes is usually sexually transmitted the following are some of the ways that you can do to avoid contacting herpes:

  • Be firm with your usage of contraceptives, most especially if you don’t know your partner’s most recent medical certificate
  • Take herpes medication for preventive measures
  • Don’t use personal belongings of someone with herpes, like their toothbrush or used utensils.
  • Do not kiss or have intercourse with someone who has herpes
  • Be aware of your partner’s medical history
  • Limit your sexual partners

The Benefits and Disadvantages 

And now that we know what herpes is and the possible ways of prevention of contracting it, let us now delve towards the official start of my Herpes Blitz Control review. In this section, we will be talking about Herpes Blitz Control benefits and disadvantages.


  • It treats herpes for as early as 48 hours.
  • Works for both genital and oral herpes.
  • 100% money back guarantee under 60 days.
  • Kills the root cause of herpes


  • Unregistered medicine.
  • Didn’t went under the officials check for safety measurements.
  • Is a medicine that you must intake orally, therefore can lead to side effects.

How Does Herpes Blitz Control Work In Eliminating Herpes?

Herpes Blitz Control doesn’t only control herpes as per its name, it actually claims to eliminate the very root cause of herpes and expunge it within your system. And it does that through three simples steps:

  • Herpes Blitz Control targets herpes causing virus and aims to hinder its ability to multiply and cause further damages to your system.
  • Now that the ability of the virus is put on hold then the next step is to make it ‘sleep’ through the ‘kill switch’ present in the medicine.
  • Once that happens the final step will proceed which is exposing the virus to the immune system and let it do the work of extinguishing the virus and finally eliminating the root cause of the virus.

How Fast Can I See the Results of Herpes Blitz Control?

Herpes Blitz Control promises to deliver results as fast as 48 hours though with that timeline it will only subside the virus and can still potentially come back.

But when it comes to the total annihilation of the root causing virus, the medicine is said to eliminate the virus completely for at least 19 days of continuous use.

However, because of the different environment, our body is exposed to and also the kind of herpes a person has, the ability to see its effectivity can stretch to more than 19-days.

Where Can I Buy Herpes Blitz Control?

Herpes Blitz Control is available for purchase through its official website and retails for $37.

Regarding its payment method, the product can only be paid through your Visa or Mastercards. COD is currently unavailable for their payment method.

The Bottom Line of Herpes Blitz Control Review

So is Herpes Blitz Control worth it?

For me it’s not, first of all, it’s an unregistered medicine that is not approved by the officials; second is the fact that it has the same repeated claims as the other medicine scam accusing the pharmaceutical industry of their product’s infamous name.

If you ask me just stick to registered, approved and safe treatments when it comes to solving your illness because self-medicating yourself through this ‘secret effective’ medicines may just cause more bad than good.

And that concludes my review of Herpes Blitz Control.

See you next time

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